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United Amayi is a UK registered charity that aims to improve prospects and relieve poverty for women in Malawi through education, employment, and enterprise.


The organisation began in 2014 as one English language school, running a year-long programme to teach women in the Mangochi village conversational English.


Now, United Amayi has expanded to a second school in the Lilongwe district. We also offer workplace and agricultural training, alongside financial support through our partners for those building or expanding their own businesses.


Through education, employment, and enterprise, we are empowering the women of Malawi and giving them more freedom to choose their own path.


why we do it

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Malawi is a beautiful country and a wonderfully welcoming place - that's why our founder, Emma, fell in love with it! 


From our research, we know that women in Malawi have big dreams and aspirations, and a strong desire to be role models in their communities. We see that many of the women we encounter are keen to run their own businesses and provide for their families.


But Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world; a tiny, landlocked territory with a GDP per capita that is just 6% of the world average. So, funding and growing a business is a difficult task. Particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable women who left education early to get married and start a family. 


We believe that the women in Malawi deserve the knowledge and freedom to follow their dreams. 


sponsor a woman’s education


New for 2018

you can fund a woman’s english language course for less than your netflix subscription

With our sponsor a woman programme, you will be helping improve prospects for a vulnerable woman in Malawi by funding her year-long conversational English course.

The course is the first part of the women’s journey with United Amayi, which sees them progress to work-based training placements, business advice, and financial help to start their own business.

Our course has seen great success, with out graduates having greater freedom to choose their own path.

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