Emma Leering


Emma founded United Amayi in 2014 while volunteering as a primary school teacher in Malawi at the age of 18. She is currently at the University of Northampton studying BA International Development.




 malawi coordinator

Claudia is an on-the-ground coordinator in Malawi, in charge of managing and reporting the charity's activities. She was born in Malawi and graduated from college with a degree in accounting.






Full time teacher in the Lilongwe school. Martha is married with 2 beautiful children, Cassim and Shikira. Martha is an orphan, and says that “the reason I wanted to work for United Amayi is to ensure that women in Malawi get an education!”





Full time teacher in the Lilongwe school. Emily was the youngest of 9 children and is the only child to still be alive. Emily is single and has no children. Emily said that she “wanted to get women back into education, so they are able to change their lives and be relived from a poverty stricken life”





Full time teacher in the Mangochi school. Patuma helped Emma, the charity's founder, to set up the first school in 2014 in Mangochi. Since 2014 Patuma has continued to teach in the Mangochi school. 





Full time teacher in the Mangochi school. Stelia started off as a pupil in the Mangochi United Amayi school, then was trained as a teacher and now is part of the United Amayi team.